Identifying the root cause of depression is the first step in restoring your hope, self-esteem, and sense of purpose.

Everybody can experience depression at some point in their lives. Depression can take many forms and have an equal number of causes. Depression can feel like an unbearable burden that depletes our motivation, saps our energy, and robs us of our vitality and self esteem. Sometimes depression is experienced as a harsh judge subjecting us to guilt and self-recrimination. Other times people may feel the weight of unbearable sadness that seems to come out of nowhere. Others may experience depression mostly as anger or irritability. And some people may just want to escape from their life or be left alone.

Certain times in our lives may leave us more vulnerable to depression. These include the more obvious transitions such as divorce, death, and loss of job or career. Sometimes a life event that is supposed to bring us joy, such as getting married or having a baby, can trigger a wave of emotions that lead to depression.

Although depression may make no obvious sense at the outset, a skilled psychologist can help you uncover the real source of your pain. Understanding the unique aspects of a person’s depression involves a careful and methodical exploration of the triggering events and underlying emotional causes.

The treatment of depression may include psychotherapy, medications, or a combination of these approaches.

Symptoms of depression may include:

  • social withdrawal
  • decreased energy
  • lack of interest or pleasure
  • lack of libido or interest in sex
  • loss of appetite or increased appetite; significant weight gain or weight loss
  • anger or irritability
  • diminished self esteem
  • decreased ability to function at work or school
  • guilt, self criticism, and self doubt
  • depressed mood
  • hopelessness or helplessness
  • increased sleep or sleep disturbance
  • difficulty concentrating
  • anxiety
  • difficulty making decisions
  • difficulty finishing tasks or starting new projects
  • thoughts of suicide


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